Incense Holder - Speckled Satin Glaze

Incense Holder - Speckled Satin Glaze

Sticky Earth Ceramics

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Bisque incense holder, handmade by our local ceramicist Rafal.

Stoneware, white satin glaze with altered surface.

10cm wide x 1cm high. 

Rafal is the Melbourne maker behind Sticky Earth
His work features earthy tones and a minimalist aesthetic. Glazes are applied with a light touch to allow the natural textures of clay to come through. By bringing out the warmth and rawness of natural stoneware, Rafal gives each and every piece its own authentic character. 

About Sticky Earth Ceramics
Made with traditional wheel-thrown techniques and fired at high temperatures for durability, all pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.